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Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning with Apex Cleaning Network, Inc.
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Deep Cleaning Revitalizes Your Upholstered Furniture
Restore the look and feel of your upholstered furniture with the help of the experts at Apex Cleaning Network, Inc.

Our approach not only leaves your couches, chairs, and other pieces looking almost new, but our process eliminates ground-in germs and allergens, too!

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Taking a Careful Approach to Cleaning Your Upholstery
Your furniture's upholstery is constantly under attack from falling, dust, perspiring humans, shedding pets, kids, shoes and who knows what else?

Because different materials require different approaches for cleaning and stain removal, we rely on our 50 years of experience in using the right products and treatments.

Our process is set up to ensure you get safe and effective results.
  • Pre-inspections and testing for colorfastness
  • Fabric preconditioning
  • Soil extractions
  • Spot cleanings
  • Fabric protector applications
  • Upholstery drying services

When we're done, your furniture will look great and smell even better!
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